A sporting proposition...

I have a proposition: let's dumb down everyone in sports to the lowest common denominator. Radical Democrats already want everyone to have equality in medical care, pay, housing, jobs, schools, access to transportation, internet, college, child care, food, time off, etc., etc., etc. Why not in sports?  Professional and amateur. After all, "all men are created equal," so when they develop into adults, they can do anything.  Right?  Let's be real: it's a dream.  A nice dream, but an unrealistic one.  People, some being human beings, come in all sizes, shapes, and intellect.  Sorry — no matter how hard you try, in any endeavor, there will always be someone, at a moment in time, or a lifetime, who will exceed your capabilities or prowess — especially in sports. Think anyone can be LeBron James?  Tom...(Read Full Post)
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