A NY Times editorial about nursing home deaths ignores the most important thing

The trick when reading the mainstream media — which still carries weight with too many Americans — is to look for what's missing in an article.  In the case of an editorial in the New York Times about the overwhelming number of nursing home deaths from the Wuhan virus, the piece manages to avoid mentioning even once New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, the states that account for most of the nursing home deaths. The Wuhan virus would have been just a bad flu season but for the number of nursing home residents who died from it.  In June, the Times acknowledged that nursing homes were Ground Zero for virus deaths: While 8 percent of the country's cases have occurred in long-term care facilities, deaths related to Covid-19 in these facilities account for more than 41 percent of the country's pandemic fatalities. The numbers get worse when you consider that, as of October 2019, before the Wuhan virus...(Read Full Post)
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