Trump’s triumphant-end run around the Democrats

Animals that are ambush hunters tend to be very still until they have their prey where they want them. Then, the ambush hunter is an explosion of efficient motion and the prey . . . well, the prey is toast. With Saturday’s executive orders and press conference, Trump proved himself to be a masterful ambush hunter, and the Democrats found themselves being hapless prey. As with so many of their initiatives in 2020, the Democrats got greedy. Time and time again, they’ve used the excuse of the Wuhan virus and George Floyd’s death to advance hard-left policies unrelated either to the virus or to the exceedingly rare instances when American police wantonly kill black men. When the virus first appeared, Trump, in good faith, allowed Fauci to lead him down the primrose path. This meant giving in to, and signing off on, the Democrats’ demands for stimulus bills. His agreement made the Democrats foolhardy. With the economy on life support, deaths from the virus...(Read Full Post)
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