Trump-haters realize there are things worse than Trump

There are three groups of people who will vote for Trump: those who supported Trump in 2016, those who have come to support Trump, and those who are so frightened of Biden and the Democrats that they'll do anything to see Trump win.  This has the potential to be a sizable voting bloc, one that may give Trump more than the 30 states he won in 2016. Don Surber (whose blog you should be reading) is predicting that Trump will not only win the 30 states he won in 2016, but will add another seven.  I'm beginning to think Don is on to something. Don's starting point is that, subject to a vanishingly small number of exceptions, those people who supported Trump in 2016 still support him.  That means he'll get 63 million or so votes at a minimum.  That's a good start. Next, add the people who have grown to appreciate Trump.  Until the Democrats used the Wuhan virus to shut down the economy, Trump had presided...(Read Full Post)
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