The RNC's first night was a polished and uplifting home run

Having watched the entire first night of the Republican National Convention, I am happy to report that I was not bored, embarrassed, frustrated, or irritated.  It was a superb production, featuring a wide variety of ordinary Americans, along with Republican politicians, giving polished, engaging, and uplifting presentations.  Also — and this completely delighted me — the Trump campaign made a bold and long-past-due play for the minority voters that the Democrats have used and abused for so long. One of the best things about the evening was its grandeur.  The Democrats' convention played out on an exceedingly small canvas, with almost all the speakers crammed in front of their computer monitors. The DNC didn't get any brighter for the main events.  When Harris gave her acceptance speech, she stood before what looked like a grim underground tunnel with poles holding signs for the various states, a sparse six flags, and...(Read Full Post)
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