Own Goal: The NBA does President Trump a favor

Smart move, bozos. Get a load of this tweet: Say what you will about the NBA, NHL, and MLB, but it was really thoughtful of them to clear the decks tonight so everyone could watch Trump's speech at the RNC instead of sports. — Sean Davis (@seanmdav) August 27, 2020 That's some sense of timing these millionaire wokesters have, refusing to play in the playoffs to protest a police incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin, just as President Trump was getting ready to make his big convention speech.  The absence of playoffs meant that anyone with his television set on would no longer be on the horns of a dilemma by having to decide whether to watch the ball game or watch Trump.  There was no ball game, so...there was just Trump.  President Trump, who had been facing low television ratings based on the possibility that Hurricane Laura would end all attention to the GOP convention, escaped that when the storm turned out to be less lethal...(Read Full Post)
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