Larry Elder's Uncle Tom: The little movie that could

Did you know there's a documentary called Uncle Tom that IMDB ranks as one of America's top documentaries?  Released only six weeks ago, it's currently the sixth highest rated documentary on IMDB, with over 2,000 viewers giving it an extraordinary 9.5-star rating.  The movie also doubled Michael Moore's Bowling for Columbine opening box office revenue.  Nevertheless, not a single mainstream news or entertainment media film critic has acknowledged it.  I spoke with Mr. Elder to learn more about the movie and the media's passive-aggressive efforts to ignore it into extinction. One would think that, when a nationally known radio and TV personality, who is also a bestselling author and columnist, writes and produces a documentary about blacks in America, the media would be all over it.  That doesn't happen, though, if he challenges the mainstream narrative that the Democrat party is American...(Read Full Post)
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