Is New York's AG going to be the biggest NRA fundraiser ever?

On Thursday, New York's attorney general, Letitia James, proudly announced that she had filed suit to "dissolve" the National Rifle Association.  She also sued four NRA executives for damages.  The basis for the suit is her claim that the NRA has been mismanaging donor funds.  She was able to attack the NRA because the organization is registered in New York, where it was first chartered in 1871. James got a lot of attention with her announcement, but it might not have been what she was expecting.  Forward-looking Democrats demanded to know whether she was trying to help get Trump elected.  Meanwhile, the NRA, which has been gaining 1,000 new members a day since the "defund the police" movement began, immediately filed a lawsuit against James, accusing her of defamation and seeking to squelch the organization's right to free speech. In a ponderous press conference, James announced that she had filed...(Read Full Post)
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