Goodbye to Discover

I have been a Discover Bank customer for many years, but I no longer want to associate with the bank after the management pledged support for the Marxist terrorist group Black Lives Matter and began to spread their false and harmful narrative of "systemic racism."

In times like these, Discover's seemingly benign campaign to award money to black-owned restaurants can only be seen as cowardly pandering to the BLM looters and arsonists in the hope that the bank will be spared the fate of other American corporations, whose offices have been ransacked and burned.

I'm all for supporting small businesses in these troubled times — if it's based on their performance and not on the race, sex, sexual orientation, or any other irrelevant characteristic of the owners.

Discover's pledge to spend its depositors' money (all the bank's money belongs to the depositors) on a program to "fight systemic racism" by supporting exclusively black-owned businesses is, on its face, blatantly racist and shameless discrimination.

Awarding privileges to just one race, no matter which one, is by implication an admission that people of other races are somehow less worthy and undeserving of the bank's attention.  This violates the basic principles of our Constitution and our society, the principles of equal rights and fair competition.  Black people are neither superior nor inferior to other races.  Being black is not a disability that warrants extra charity and financial support.

When I come to a restaurant or to any other business, I never ask about the race of its owner.  I don't care, and I don't have to care.  All I care about is the quality of goods and services, which is the only measure by which businesses should be judged and rewarded.

It appears that Discover is attempting to capitalize on the current nationwide lawlessness and violence by appeasing the BLM racists and their terrorist Antifa allies, as well as their "progressive" supporters, the "useful idiots," as the communist leader Lenin called them over a century ago.  By doing so, Discover's management are becoming the "useful idiots."

Need I remind anyone that Discover Bank is not just any group of private citizens who can support whomever they want?  Discover is an institution serving the general public and, as such, is bound to treat all customers equally, regardless of their race.  What's next?  Blacks-only accounts with higher APY?  Black-only loans at lower rates?

Speaking of which, Discover's formerly great APY, which once convinced me to put my money into the bank, has now decreased to a mere one third of what it was a few months ago, and it started to drop long before the pandemic.  Now I understand where that money has been going.

I am now withdrawing my money from Discover.  I'm also telling all my friends and social media followers to do the same.  Furthermore, I'm considering a class action lawsuit for racial discrimination if Discover does not terminate its discriminatory "blacks only" program.

Image: Discover