Did Goodyear say that BLM is okay in the workplace, but MAGA is not?

The image hit the internet with the force of an explosion.  It showed a slide from a mandatory diversity training event at the Topeka Goodyear plant.  The slide identified Goodyear's zero-tolerance policy, which holds that Black Lives Matter and LGBT topics are acceptable in the workplace but that the claims that Blue Lives Matter and All Lives Matter are unacceptable, as are MAGA attire and anything that is a "political affiliated" (sic) slogan or sign. President Trump promptly announced that if Goodyear could boycott MAGA, he and his supporters could boycott Goodyear.  Goodyear has since tried to walk back the slide, but its denial only confirms that the slide is accurate. The starting point is this photograph, which an employee took during a Goodyear diversity training session: According to @goodyear tires, a MAGA shirt is a zero tolerance hate symbol. But Black Lives Matter is allowed. pic.twitter.com/1kWRqSDFQa —...(Read Full Post)
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