Dan Bongino drops a bomb about Biden

In a recent poll, almost 40% of Americans said they believe that Joe Biden, who won the Democrat party presidential primaries, has dementia.  Democrats have denied this like crazy, even as they keep Joe locked in the basement, where he's spot-welded to a TelePrompter.  Early Sunday morning, though, Dan Bongino dropped a bombshell: while the Democrats deny dementia in public, in private, they're grappling with the fact that not only is Biden suffering from dementia, but he's going downhill fast. Joe Biden has always suffered from foot-in-mouth disease.  He's always been a liar and a plagiarist.  Those, however, were personality and moral problems, not signs of a damaged brain.  Lately, though, it's been apparent that something else is going on.  Biden's having memory lapses, he's obviously confused a lot of the time, his impulse control is breaking down, and he struggles to maintain his focus...(Read Full Post)
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