CNN takes first place in the 'total lack of self-awareness' category

One of the givens in modern American politics is that the media despise President Trump.  Except for Fox News, which gives him a fair shake, the rest of the American media have a hatred so intense that, no matter the story, they have to give it an anti-Trump twist. No wonder jokes circulate that if Trump announced he'd found a cure for cancer, the media would instantly lambaste him for taking work away from doctors.  That's why it was so funny to see Brian Stelter and a guest applaud themselves for their fair-mindedness. We already know that journalists hew left — way, way left.  Of those American journalists who donated to a presidential candidate in 2016, well over 96% donated to Hillary Clinton.  As a general matter, outside 2016, journalists overwhelmingly donate to Democrat causes. A recent study also revealed that journalists live in a bubble even smaller than conservatives initially thought.  We...(Read Full Post)
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