At San Quentin, the virus does what California wouldn’t do

When the Wuhan virus first appeared, death row at San Quentin, California, had 723 inmates, many of whom had been there for decades. The last time a death row inmate was executed was in 2006. It appears that the Wuhan virus is doing what the State of California has long refused to do: Killing those already condemned to death. However, this being California, the same policy decisions have caused the deaths of nine other inmates who had regular sentences and should, at some point, have walked out of prison as free men. San Quentin has been a prison since 1852 and is the site of California’s gas chamber for men. It was last used in 2006 to execute Clarence Ray Allen, 76, who had murdered three people in 1974. Men grow old on San Quentin’s death row. In addition to garden-variety killers, the death row inmates are a rogue’s gallery of some of the most awful people in America. The prison is located in Marin County, one of America’s wealthiest regions, on...(Read Full Post)
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