Without fanfare, Trump cuts Chinese nationals from American colleges

A friend of mine told me that her daughter, who attends UCLA, will be living at home and taking only online classes in the fall.  While the family will be spared the cost of on-campus housing, there is no tuition deduction.  On Monday, Harvard announced the same policy.  Also on Monday, the Trump administration used the new academic reality as a way to eject Chinese nationals from America. For several decades now, America's colleges and universities have been making bank by holding spaces open for foreign nationals, especially Chinese students who are the scions of powerful people in the Communist Party.  The beauty of these students is that they pay full fare.  With them, there are no grants, no in-state discounts, no pesky and inconvenient loans.  Instead, it's cash all the way. A year and a half ago, the New York Times wrote about academia's reliance on foreign students, especially...(Read Full Post)
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