The National Museum of African-American History promotes racist claptrap

The National Museum of African-American History is a part of the vast Smithsonian Institution, a group of museums and research centers that taxpayers fund.  That's why it was especially shocking to learn that the museum is promoting the worst kind of racial claptrap at its website. The museum's website simultaneously encourages the pernicious notion that there's systemic racism in America, accuses all whites of being racists, and argues that behaviors that are a predicate to American prosperity are inherently white — implying both that blacks lack these laudable behaviors and that blacks are betraying their race if they embrace them. The deeply offensive, taxpayer-supported web page is entitled "Whiteness: Since white people in America hold most of the political, institutional, and economic power, they receive advantages that nonwhite groups do not."  By translating the mixture of simplistic, condescending language and...(Read Full Post)
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