The academic 'marketplace of ideas' is dead

In 2019, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ("PNAS"), a peer-reviewed journal, published a study from two psychologists showing that American police were not shooting blacks as disparate rates compared to other races.  In the most recent issue of PNAS, the psychologists withdrew the study — not because it was wrong, but because they objected that conservatives were using the study to challenge the Black Lives Matter narrative. The psychologists, Joseph Cesario of Michigan State and David Johnson of the University of Maryland, studied 917 instances, from 2015 through 2019, in which police fatally shot civilians.  They were trying to determine whether race could be a factor in predicting shootings.  They found that it could not. Heather Mac Donald cited the article when she appeared before Congress in September 2019 and wrote about it in a City Journal article.  Regarding that article, it's...(Read Full Post)
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