Teachers' unions are upping their demands before they'll agree to teach

Teachers' unions, which invariably hew hard left, have seen the Wuhan virus as an opportunity.  They've insisted that, before their members return to school, communities need to make some promises, such as shutting down the competition (i.e., charter schools); giving illegal aliens full medical benefits; testing everyone in the entire community around the school for free; and so on. Now, though, they're going one better: the unions are insisting that teachers shouldn't be required to teach either in the classroom or, if at all possible, online although they should still get paid. I am exaggerating only slightly. First, let me state my bias: my dad, a Democrat, was a public school teacher from the 1960s through the 1980s.  He routinely came home from union meetings apoplectically angry because the union wanted to dumb down the curriculum.  (Teaching in Ebonics was already bruited about then.) I was an urban public school...(Read Full Post)
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