Only the Times could make victims out of rich people fleeing New York

Sometimes, the New York Times reads like a parody of itself. Of late, it’s raison d’etre has been to shape the world into two parts: victims and victimizers. That’s easy to do when you’re working with the leftist victim hierarchy. On one side, you have the white males and, unless they’re lesbians, the white females. On the other side, you have all their pathetic victims who are of varying races, sexualities, Islamic sects, and made-up genders. This outlook, though, creates a problem for the Times: How do you report on the rich white leftists with whom you socialize and who have always been at the heart of the New York Times’s snobby love affair with “Society” in the City? The Times has an answer. You write a heartrending story about how the rich are struggling to survive the Wuhan virus in their second homes (also known as country mansions) far from Manhattan. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh uncontrollably at their...(Read Full Post)
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