Only lies, combined with cultural and historic ignorance, can justify Portland's riots

Leftists who live in safe and affluent suburbs are trying to justify their support for the anarchy in the heart of some of America's Democrat-run cities.  Many of them have found profound psychic relief in a post from a young Portland woman named Valarie Smith.  I found her post enlightening, too, but not for the same reasons.  It's worth working through her soothing essay to expose the amalgam of dishonesty, ignorance, and irrationality. Valarie Smith's Facebook post is here.  It purports to be a thoughtful, even-handed, peace-oriented look at Portland's nightly violence extravaganza.  It's not.  Still, the post has been shared over 2,000 times. Because the post is long, in each of the following paragraphs, I first summarize Smith's point and then put my comments in parentheses. "What the protestors want": A $50-million cut in the police budget, with the money saved...(Read Full Post)
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