New York Times denizens respond to Bari Weiss resignation over bullying — with more bullying

It ought to have been embarrassing for the New York Times to have a top op-ed editor resign with fiery criticism of the paper's stultifying leftism.  In the news industry, it's pretty rare for anyone to resign, let alone say what the problem was.  That's what happened a couple days ago, when Bari Weiss submitted her resignation to the paper, denouncing the far-left atmosphere of cancel-culture bullying, the signs of which have been pretty obvious for years.  After all, not too long ago, this bunch forced the Times' op-ed boss out merely for running an opinion piece by an elected Republican senator because the snowflake staffers said it made them feel "unsafe."  Weiss had had enough and threw in the towel.  Thomas Lifson noted that the letter was likely "historic" in its significance. Embarrassed?  Not in the least.  Not at the...(Read Full Post)
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