Ghislaine Maxwell’s secrets, if revealed, will be incendiary

Jeffrey Epstein went to (or was sent to) the grave keeping his secrets. However, Ghislaine Maxwell almost certainly shares the same secrets. The latest allegation is that she has or had videos of two “high profile” American politicians, as well as two other influential people, having sex with underage girls. If that’s true, it’s reasonable to believe that she has more than just those videos. A lot of famous people may soon be in trouble, although probably not Trump, who wised up a long time ago about Epstein. The Sun writes that William Steel, the pseudonym for a former jewel thief, claims that Ghislaine Maxwell, whether as insurance and because she’s a very kinky person, videotaped two highly placed American politicians, as well as other powerful people, having sex with underage girls. According to Steel, who was not paid for the interview, Ghislaine liked to show off videos of famous people engaging in illegal and immoral behavior. To that end,...(Read Full Post)
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