Garbage- and graffiti-strewn Portland upchucks at offered federal help

Oregon's city of Portland is looking more like Caracas, Venezuela by the day, not just in its Marxist ideology, but in its moral rot and physical shambles. John Hinderaker at Power Line noted a few days ago that he had until recently taken comfort in knowing that his home city of Minneapolis wasn't the worst-run city in America, because of Portland. But now the blue-city shambles is taking another turn - Portland's leaders are openly screaming for federal law enforcement coming in to protect federal property, such as courthouses, to leave the burning garbage dump that is their city. They'd rather the city be left to fester. Fox News has a very good report: What a dump. According to the Washington Post: During a video news conference Friday, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler twice called the federal police in his city President Trump’s “personal army” and said that he is joining a chorus of Oregon’s...(Read Full Post)
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