Democrats on the brink of canceling suburbia

A Wall Street Journal editorial from July 26 began like this: The Trump Administration on Thursday [July 22] rolled back an Obama regulation that federalized local zoning and land-use policies[.] ... The 1968 Fair Housing Act requires recipients of federal block grants to certify that they "affirmatively further fair housing [AFFH]."  In 1996 the Clinton Administration issued 170 pages of guidance interpreting those four words, and lawsuits proliferated. This sounds like good news, and it certainly is, but if Joe Biden is elected, he will resurrect and seek to finish off the assault on our suburbs that President Obama initiated in 2009. This past Sunday on FOX TV's Life, Liberty & Levin, Mark Levin made an invaluable contribution to the political landscape by interviewing Stanley Kurtz and raising awareness of this issue, which has been lying dormant in the weeds since President Trump assumed office. Writing for National Review recently, Mr....(Read Full Post)
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