An associate college professor shows everything wrong with anti-racism studies

The Detroit Free Press published an opinion piece from Christina Wyman, who's described as "an adjunct professor at Michigan State University" as well as the co-editor (as Christina Berchini) of an anthology rejoicing under the unwieldy, identity politics name Whiteness at the Table; Antiracism, Racism, and Identity in Education.  In her editorial, Wyman tries to argue that it's not enough for white people to confess their sins; instead, they must act.  She reveals herself to be a bully, an ignoramus, and a hypocrite. Wyman opens with the standard Maoist confession: she's white, she lives in a white neighborhood, and she enjoys all the benefits flowing from white privilege — "too many privileges to count and many of which I do not consciously know."  Right off the bat, if they're your privileges, and you don't know what they are after years of self-reflection, are you sure you have...(Read Full Post)
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