A black police officer tells a startling truth about the racial protests

Jakhary Jackson, an officer with the Portland Police Bureau, submitted to an interview during a press availability event.  The interview is attracting attention because Office Jackson pointed out that he's seeing some interesting and counterintuitive things at Black Lives Matter protests: there are often more black police officers than black protesters; ignorant white protesters are screaming about racism to black officers; and these same protesters accuse white officers of racism without knowing anything about them. The video is set to begin when Officer Jackson first starts talking about the white protesters, people who know nothing about the true history of racism, screaming insults at both black and white officers.  What he describes is White  Women Screaming, rather than Black Lives Mattering: One of the points I've made repeatedly at American Thinker (see here, here, and here, for example) is that the Black Lives...(Read Full Post)
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