Where does Mother go to buy milk in Chicago?

A week later, and many minorities are wondering what the heck voting for the Democrats has done for them.

This is from Chicago:

For neighbors, the Jewel-Osco on 75th is the grocery store. But no longer.

"It's kind of a sad thing to think about," said resident William Wright. "I take my grandma here every Sunday."

On Sunday night, it was ravaged by looters, as you can see by the aftermath captured in video from the next day, leaving neighbors frustrated.

"It's not what you do. It's how do you do it," Wright said. "What did we accomplish, aside from take our property value down and embarrass ourselves?"

Wright, his grandmother and so many around here are trying to figure out which stores on the South Side are even left right now.

Chicago now has food deserts in places that weren't food deserts before.

Where is the governor of Illinois?  I saw him on TV blaming Trump.

Where is the mayor of Chicago?  She had a four-letter word for Trump.

My guess is that blacks, Hispanics, and immigrants in Chicago are not blaming Trump.  I'm pretty sure that they would have preferred to see the National Guard protecting their businesses or the groceries where they buy food.

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