Watching in real time as Seattle descends into anarchy

Seattle has been making big news in the last couple of days.  The first major story emerged Tuesday, when police ceded an entire neighborhood to Antifa and Black Lives Matter, representatives of which barricaded a large segment of the Capitol Hill neighborhood and declared the area an "autonomous" community, separate from Seattle itself.  The second newsworthy story occurred when thousands of leftist protesters led by Black Lives Matter and Antifa entered City Hall shortly after midnight on Wednesday, demanding that Mayor Jenny Durkan (a Democrat) resign. On Tuesday, the police in Seattle's Eastern District had initially battled with the rioters, using tear gas and flashbangs.  Eventually, recognizing that anything short of a military-style defense was a waste of police time and put police lives at risk, the police abandoned the Eastern Precinct.  They shredded important and confidential documents, boarded up the windows, and...(Read Full Post)
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