Trump's church walk was a strong move

On Monday, June 1, Trump stood in front of St. John's church in Washington, D.C. and held up a Bible.  CBN News has the story: President Donald Trump visited Washington, DC's St. John's Episcopal Church near the White House Monday after it was set on fire during overnight protests over the death of George Floyd.  Trump stood in front of the church, raised a black Bible, and said: "We have a great country.  Greatest country in the world." The president's visit came after he said during a press conference at the White House that he would "pay my respects to a very very special place." The online furor from the religious left (I won't say Christian left) was intense over the past few days.  It is time to reply to the hypocrisy. In the context, the church had been set on fire, and any president who would walk the street in that environment is courageous.  It reminds me of the time he...(Read Full Post)
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