There's an ugly cynicism lurking behind the Black Lives Matter movement

In America, woe betide anyone who dares to say that "all lives" rather than just "black lives" matter.  There is an ash heap behind Black Lives Matter headquarters on which lie the rotting carcasses of those foolish enough to say that "all lives matter." A viral video, however, shows that the contention that, for Democrats, the mantra that "black lives matter" is a slogan without substance.  The video (scroll down to view) shows white health care workers massed in front of an unnamed medical center.  Many of them hold signs supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is a woke white crowd that's signaling its virtue. In the video, an unseen man with a stentorian bass voice — a man who is almost certainly black himself — asks the healthcare workers, "Do all black lives matter or just some black lives?" The health care workers, like the well trained useful idiots they...(Read Full Post)
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