Schadenfreude: Rabid leftists of CHOP refuse to quit their Seattle squats, leaving lefty mayor up a crik without a paddle

After supporting Seattle's CHOP and declaring it a "summer of love," Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan had no choice but to bow out of it, given that it had become a killing zone and police were obstructed from tending the gunfire victims bleeding in the streets. The lawsuits from destroyed businesses were looming, plus there was President Trump, a man she rabidly hated herself, threatening to come in and hose that hellhole out if she wouldn't.  Only a little bit of egg on her face, she tried to tell the media lackeys, as she backed down and declared the CHOP over. No more block party, summer of love done, and summer hadn't even officially started. Clearing her throat, she announced that community organizers would clear the streets and direct the homeless to 'services' and lefty-ism could happily go on. Just one problem: The rabid leftists embedded at CHOP have no intention of leaving. According to KOMO...(Read Full Post)
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