President Trump predicted that the woke mob would turn on America's Founders

The media routinely misquote and misinterpret President Trump.  The most harmful example of this occurred after the deadly Charlottesville riot in 2017, when Trump said there were "fine people" in Charlottesville — and then immediately and explicitly excluded the white supremacists.  By leaving out the second half of his statement, the media successfully managed to paint him as a racist. What many people forget is why Trump spoke of "fine people."  He was commenting on the fact that many people at the protest wanted to preserve America's history.  He went farther, predicting that, without such people as a bulwark, the mob would turn on America's founders.  Recently, the mob did just that, tearing down statues of Jefferson and Washington. For those who have forgotten, the leftist mob started closing in on Confederate statues in 2017.  The Charlottesville City Council voted to remove a...(Read Full Post)
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