Popular Mechanics magazine has practical advice for vandals

In 1902, when Henry Haven Windsor founded Popular Mechanics, he dreamed of a magazine that would show "the way the world works," using plain language, with illustrations to help out.  Its original tagline was "Written so you can understand it."  Now, though, Popular Mechanics has a new goal: helping the Black Lives Matter and Antifa revolution by explaining how best to tear down the fabric of our institutions. It's fun to browse through the Popular Mechanics archives, looking at what used to inspire the readership.  In 1944, six months before D-Day, the magazine explained "How Japan Will Be Defeated" and "Photos without Film" (the secret was photographic enlarging paper).  A decade later, in the 1954 edition, readers learned about "Three Rear-Engine Cars," "Aluminum as a New Craft Material," and "How Your Brakes Work."  Fast-forward...(Read Full Post)
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