Political violence then and now

The men who pulled Reginald Denny from his truck during the Rodney King riots and beat him to a pulp had no idea who Rodney King was.  They just wanted the truck. Many of the men who stormed the Winter Palace with firearms had not a scintilla of an idea what communism was. His Majesty King Mob had a variety of motivations for being in the streets, both in 1780 and in the 1960s, few of them good.  Many of the marauders were politically no more sophisticated than a British soccer fan seeking his "agro" by breaking heads. Venerating the mob or yielding to their occupation — as in Seattle — only gives them legitimacy, as does the pandering of Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Democrats, draped in culturally appropriated kente cloth. The one aspect of riots that few want to talk about is how the proper application of force will extinguish the mob in short order. As the military historian D.J....(Read Full Post)
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