Nobody's life matters to Black Lives Matter

Most Black Lives Matter demonstrators, especially most of the violent ones, seem to be woke white kids who have limited experience of just plain living.  Experience teaches that most of the time — not always, but the big majority of the time — there are actually pretty good reasons things are as they are.  You may not know those reasons, but even if you do and you haven't lived, say, 35 years or so, with a wife and kids and a mortgage and a job, you don't have enough leavening experience to recognize that in America, you are usually your own biggest problem.  Understanding that and doing something about it — that is, fixing yourself — is so much harder than indignant self-righteousness and parading your virtue around. Charles Love points out that "white people overwhelmingly [depict] black people as desperate and defeated, with no way to pull themselves out of their misery."  Yet life experience puts...(Read Full Post)
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