Mogadishu on the Mississippi suggests dismantling the police department — call their bluff

The videos of the carnage in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are stark.  Once beautiful cities have been decimated by feral primitives whose only achievement in life is instant gratification of the lowest kind and have shown, to their dimwitted glee, that the veneer of civilization and law and order is exceedingly thin. The way to deal with this situation is a pretty tough crackdown for the greater good.  Whatever it takes — nipping it in the bud before the criminality gains momentum.  However, the Twin Cities are notoriously left-wing and have voted Democrat across the board for decades.  Consequently, the cult that is left-wing ideology doesn't do too well with cracking down on rioters to maintain law and order.  It's a classic impasse.  What we saw in the Twin Cities was a snowflake leadership dazed and confused, clueless and terrorized by — perish the thought — the idea that strong...(Read Full Post)
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