Is old-fashioned Marxist class warfare at work in America's media?

The fact that America, unlike Europe's class-based societies, has always had economic mobility, has meant that pure Marxism, which is predicated on class warfare, hasn't managed to take root here.  Instead, America's hardcore leftists eventually realized that America's Achilles heel isn't class; it's race. Using race as the spear point, leftists have managed to spur America's limousine liberals into an orgy of apology.  Meanwhile, corporations staffed with indoctrinated college graduates send out virtue-signaling messages backed with big bucks — not just because they're true believers, but in a desperate attempt to buy off looters and McCarthyites. It turns out, though, that there is one industry in America that is still a bastion of old-fashioned economic and class distinction, and that's the American media.  To its credit, The New York Times published an article by Ben Smith (founder...(Read Full Post)
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