Did NBC and Google engage in antitrust collusion against two conservative sites?

Leftists cannot allow ideological competition.  If their ideas have to go head to head with conservative ideology, their ideas lose.  Leftists and other fascists win only by shouting more loudly and breaking things more aggressively than do people committed to individual rights. Sometimes, though, if you're arrogantly confident that you have the upper hand, you get careless.  That's what happened with NBC and Google when they colluded to demonetize The Federalist and Zero Hedge.  It's no coincidence that the Department of Justice almost immediately afterward announced that it was going to end the immunity that protected internet platforms from antitrust actions if they try to stifle competition — something that may save American Thinker from a demonetizing attack. There's a lot to unpack here.  First, under §230 of the Communications Decency  Act of 1996, the big...(Read Full Post)
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