Democrats create a workaround to advance voter fraud

Despite what the media tell people, outside large urban areas, leftist political ideology isn't very popular in America, and that's true despite decades of leftism in education, news, and entertainment.  Leftists, however, have developed a way to circumvent the fact that stubborn Americans will not vote for Marxist policies or politicians: they use judges to advance their agenda.  That's why, as we saw with the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, leftists will do anything to get their people on the Supreme Court and to keep conservative judges off the Court. What works best for leftists is to have state attorneys and judges willingly work with them to overthrow the will of the people, the written law, or the Constitution.  In Minnesota, leftists are using this tactic to force mail-in only voting on the state.  Mail-in voting is an invitation to uncontrolled voting fraud, something that mostly favors Democrats.  After all, the...(Read Full Post)
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