YouTube locked out an epidemiologist who disagreed with the WHO

At the end of April, Susan Wojcicki, YouTube’s CEO, had an announcement for those who wished to upload content to the preeminent video platform: The platform will remove any videos that have “problematic” information about the Wuhan Virus. It appears now that YouTube decided that a man who holds doctorates in computer science and medical biometry, is “problematic” for disagreeing with the World Health Organization, because his video, with 1.4 million views, just disappeared. The federal government and the states, however, may provide a solution to the tech giant problem. In the CNN interview in which she announced YouTube's censorious policy, Wojcicki expanded upon what constituted “problematic” content. YouTube wasn’t just concerned with folk remedies, such as “ ‘Take Vitamin C . . . take turmeric.’ ” Instead, YouTube decided that the World Health Organization, which first wrongly downplayed the virus...(Read Full Post)
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