Why is the Navy harassing a SEAL who wants to honor his canine partner?

The U.S. Navy hasn't fared well recently, judging by news stories.  In short order, it faced a major controversy when a U.S. Navy SEAL team operator was charged with war crimes.  Taking a rare step, President Trump intervened in the matter.  Most charges were dropped, and the accused was allowed to retire with his pension.  This resulted in the resignation of the secretary of the Navy.  Next, the USS Theodore Roosevelt, deployed in the Pacific, suffered an outbreak of COVID-19.  Its captain broke the chain of command and appealed directly for assistance, fearing contamination of his entire crew.  That matter remains under review by the secretary of defense in the aftermath of its handling by the then–acting secretary of the Navy, who also resigned.  Third, the Navy is also at the front of the current COVID pandemic with two hospital ships engaged in support of the effort, and a new acting...(Read Full Post)
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