We love you, Sidney

Attorney Sidney Powell will go down in history as one of the greats. Obama added his two cents' worth to the DOJ's dismissal of charges against General Flynn and got his tongue handed back to him on a silver platter via Sidney Powell.  On sidneypowell.com is an open memorandum to our former president, Barack Hussein Obama, which addresses his concern for following the rule of law.  Sidney rhetorically offers Obama help "if truth and precedent represent your true concern."  We Deplorables are all too familiar with Obama's predilection for lying.  In her memorandum, legal scholar Sidney educates Obama that his statement on the law is entirely false. With the exoneration of General Flynn, the dominoes on the Obama administration scandals appear to be faltering.  President Trump may have let the swamp creatures fade away without wasting time and energy on their destruction.  Right after the election,...(Read Full Post)
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