The unmasking of the synthetic American economy

Similar to the antebellum South, the current economy of the United States is built upon servile labor, although of a different racial composition from what the Southern plantations of old had.  One speaks of the millions of Chinese workers in innumerable industrial plantations who have their labor sold in bulk for pennies on the dollar by CCP bosses to Western multi-nationals. These poor souls prop up our modern synthetic American economy, which the CCP virus has bared for all to see. As in the agricultural plantations of the South, this servile labor is directed toward the enrichment of a treasonous oligarch class.  The reliance upon servile labor inevitably leads to problems of great import.  In the South these interlocking issues were (1) slave uprisings (and the fear thereof, which was always present even in the most outwardly serene of times) and (2) the authoritarian nature of a society nominally democratic (e.g., the use of slave patrols, the...(Read Full Post)
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