Tara Reade's case just got stronger with a newly discovered legal document

Because Tara Reade challenges a Democrat, the media have been doing their utmost to undercut her allegation that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her in 1993.  What's helped is that Reade's story has changed over the years, morphing from describing Joe's usual grabby behavior to describing a brutal sexual assault. These changes, coupled with the fact that Reade recently praised Biden and seems to be a Bernie-supporter, have led many people to conclude that she's lying.  Even the fact that several people are stating today that Reade told them in the 1990s about the assault has not changed this suspicion.  On Thursday, though, Reade's version of events got a big boost when a San Luis Obispo newspaper went rooting through court files from Reade's 1996 divorce. The divorce can't have been a very civil affair, for Reade sought a restraining order against Theodore Dronen, her then-husband.  In response to the request...(Read Full Post)
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