Primum non nocere. 'First, do no harm'

Hippocrates was a Greek physician who lived c. 460 - c. 370 B.C. He is often referred to as the father of modern medicine because he was one of the first to describe his observations in a scientific manner. He wrote more than 70 books. He might be most well-known for his ancient decree of primum non nocere, or, first, do no harm. This Hippocratic oath is still taken by many medical school graduates. Perhaps politicians should consider taking a similar oath when they take office. COVID-19 is a dangerous virus to the elderly and the frail (and those who live in New York City). But our reaction to the virus has caused more harm than the virus itself. As more and more data become available, it is clear that the overall fatality rate of this virus is around 0.2% which is in the ballpark of a bad influenza season. This is twenty times lower than originally assumed by the WHO. The fatality rate is higher for nursing homes and assisted living patients who account for...(Read Full Post)
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