Obama's 'My Pet Goat' moment

Remember how President George Bush took all that flak from leftists as the flames of 9/11 destroyed the World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon?  It happened as he was by chance reading a story to schoolchildren called "My Pet Goat."  He finished the story as the bad news was whispered into his ear, so as not to panic the children. Now it's President Obama's turn, but it's a lot less innocent. Just as unprecedented scandal over the weaponization of government is flaming out and licking ever closer to Obama, Obama and his wife Michelle decided to read kids a story, and pontificate a little, in a bid to crank up the awww factor: According to the Daily Mail: 'Welcome to Live from the Library,' he says. 'Today we thought we'd read you a story.' 'I remember my first trip to the library and how important I felt,' Michelle adds, as an old photo of her and her...(Read Full Post)
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