Is the problem racism or vitamins?

Franklin County, Ohio, has decided that it knows what causes the Wuhan virus: Racism. With that sweeping pronouncement, though, one that doesn't distinguish between causation and correlation, the County may be ignoring a more important culprit. According to a Daily Mail report, Franklin County has declared that the overwhelming number of blacks hospitalized in Ohio for the Wuhan virus must mean that racism is at work: Officials in Ohio have declared racism a public health crisis in the state’s embattled Franklin County, where twice as many black people are hospitalized for COVID-19 than other races, despite being a minority of the population. A public health declaration and resolution was passed on Tuesday by commissioners in Franklin County along with a 10-step plan to address racism in the health system, housing and education.  The resolution was a part of the 2019 Rise Together Blueprint effort to address poverty in Central Ohio that was first...(Read Full Post)
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