Everyone loses in the George Floyd riots

A major American city has been sacked as if it were the capital of a hated enemy by roving gangs of wild-eyed revolutionists and snarling hooligans.  Who are these persons?  They are our very own "wretched of the earth."  They are the maladjusted, the perpetually enraged, the nihilists, the criminals, the fanatics, the opportunists — to summarize, all those who are always ready to tell anyone and everyone who will listen that they are "more sinned against than sinning."  All societies have such a subterraneous layer of individuals, and it is major disturbances such as riots that bring them to the forefront to vent their existential hatred, live out their revolutionary fantasies, or simply settle scores. Even more eye-opening than these riots have been the reactions. Let us focus on the police forces of our Republic.  They are in the process of becoming cruel yet ineffectual.  They swagger when...(Read Full Post)
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