Dem governors should start following the science for a change on COVID-19

The Illinois governor and many others have said they follow the science, so why the masks?  Where is the scientific data that show that children have spread the virus?  I bet there are few, so why are they required to wear masks, especially two-year-olds?  Do these governors want more healthy people to get sick? In early March, the CDC, Fauci and other experts said we shouldn't wear masks.  So for the first 244 years in America, while we have gone through annual flus, pandemics, pneumonia, respiratory illnesses, etc., we never had to wear oppressive masks until now, yet we thrived, and life expectancy and quality of life improved greatly.  We also didn't have to social distance or gather in groups smaller than ten. We could go to church, restaurants, bars, sporting events, concerts, dentists, hairdressers, department stores, gyms, casinos, work, and we were fine until now, when we have to obey the dictatorial edicts of...(Read Full Post)
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