Univision downsizing

Over the years, I've been invited to the local Univision affiliate for political commentary.  For the record, I've always been treated well and have many friends who work with Spanish media. We learned this week that layoffs and furloughs are coming.  We wish our friends the very best. This is the word: CEO Vince Sadusky notified employees via email that the company had to undergo restructuring due to the coronavirus pandemic and outlined those "containment actions."  Among them, company-wide layoffs and furloughs — anywhere from one to four weeks and likely longer for people working in the sports division, executive pay cuts and suspension of 401K matching contributions. When asked about the announced restructuring plans that have rattled staffers, the company issued this statement: "Despite Univision's strengths and recent growth momentum, the coronavirus pandemic has caused a significant contraction...(Read Full Post)
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