The New York Times mangles facts to attack Fox News

The New York Times has published an egregious attack against Fox News.  Ginia Bellafante argues that a New York bar-owner died from the Wuhan virus because Fox News and Sean Hannity said it isn't a risk.  Aside from that accusation being untrue, Bellafante's argument ignores the fact that Hannity made his statements after the bar-owner made his fatal choice.  Only by rewinding time and playing it backward can Bellafante's article make even a little sense. Bellafante openly blames the victim for his own death because he was a conservative: A Beloved Bar Owner Was Skeptical About the Virus. Then He Took a Cruise. Joe Joyce oversaw JJ Bubbles, a welcoming tavern in a conservative corner of Brooklyn, for 43 years until he died of Covid-19. The article begins by talking about what a great guy Joe was — and he certainly does sound like a good man.  He was a gregarious person who...(Read Full Post)
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